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Marketing officer 市场主任、市场经理

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  1. 学校/企业: 深圳市新石岩公学.
  2. 职位类别: 国际部.
  3. 地点: 深圳.
  4. 期限: 2017-03-25 到 2017-05-01.
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  1. 简历: English
  2. 性别: 不限
  3. 年龄: 25 到 45 岁
  4. 学历: 不低于本科
  5. 经验: 最低三年或以上
  6. 薪水: 10000-30000 (元/月)
  7. 附加: 提供住宿、带薪寒暑假


We are seeking a bilingual (Chinese and English) Marketing Officer whose role it is to spearhead the marketing activities for this new international school. Following a program of substantial renovation and development, SSYIS will be one of the most modern and advanced schools in the area offering international, dual-language and Chinese national curricula to students from kindergarten to high school aged 3-18. IBDP and IB Certificate are available, alongside the local ‘gaukau’ program. An accredited DP school, SSYIS will also be a candidate school for the Primary Years Program (PYP) and, a little later, the Middle Years Program (MYP).
After a long period in which the school was a ‘public’ school under state ownership, the international school will soon become autonomous, and its students will enjoy a new and exciting international future. It is has a large campus located in a clean and leafy suburb in the north-west of Shenzhen, lying on the Chinese mainland, close to Hong Kong. A building and renovation program is due to begin shortly, and SSYIS teachers will enjoy excellent, modern facilities.
There will be more than 3000 students in the school as from August 2017, most of whom are Chinese nationals. It is expected that the school will draw students from other nationalities in future. Students are well-behaved and very eager to learn. Presently most students are boarders.
At SSYIS we believe that students should develop both their IQ and their EQ, and we aim to develop a strong holistic education dimension which emphasizes the development of character. Attributes such as teamwork, leadership, confidence, independence, personal organization and creativity are developed as an integral part of every student’s rounded education, and every teacher shares in this aspiration. As such, we are not simply teachers; we are educators, accompanying our students on the journey from where they are to where they need to be to become confident, competent, caring, global citizens.


Job Title: Marketing Officer
Last Revised: 01 September 2016
Reports To: Executive Principal
Start Date: Negotiable, but probably early February, 2017, after the Chinese New Year holiday.
Location: Shenzhen Shiyan International School

Position Objectives
1.Work with the SSYIS Operations Officer and the Executive Principal to ensure all marketing components conform to local and international school standards.
2.Coordinate and lead the school’s Marketing Group’s meetings, ensuring that action is taken as planned and that advance planning is carried out.
3.Each year develop – and regularly update - an annual school marketing strategy and marketing plan incorporating all marketing activities including but not limited to: print collaterals, website and social media, advertising, events, community groups, research and budget.
4.Maintain a clearly-defined , compelling School position, image and set of messages that maximize the School’s presence to both the school community and external audiences

Overview of Responsibilities
Market Assessment and Analysis:
identify the most efficient and cost-effective marketing channels in the educational domain;
maintain a database of current, accurate market information;
track competitor schools’ marketing, admissions and student confirmation timelines;
analyze prospective, existing and past student information to categorize the demographic breakdown of SSYIS families;
adjust marketing plans to tightly focus resources on the most valuable segment of the market as determined by research;
develop press networks to enable cost-effective editorials and ‘advertorials’;
be the primary source for current market conditions for SSYIS;
produce regular competitor, target demographic and student profile analysis reports for the Senior Leadership Team.

Internal Marketing and Public Relations
Oversee the production of all School publications, including School Brochure, information booklets, information sheets, application packs, admissions packs, orientation packs and other educational handbooks, newsletters, Student Handbook, School Directory, event invitations, event programs, Year Book etc., and other promotional materials.
Ensure collaterals meet objectives, determine and coordinate content and deadlines and supervise production activities of publications.
Organize community events to support student a retention program, e.g. family events, student orientation days, holiday festivals, etc.
Attend School events and ensure events are recorded for both video and still photography.

External Marketing and Public Relations
Provide feedback to the Marketing Group on website design and content and social media components
Plan and implement a public relations program with the Marketing Group locally and regionally; identify newsworthy items; research and write news releases; submit to the appropriate media source; arrange for additional media coverage as necessary
Support the Admissions Officer in planning special events and the design and production of promotional materials
Keep a historical record of all past SSYIS marketing and advertising materials
Provide support for special events such as community events, tours and press conferences.

Annual Marketing Plan and Budget Preparation
With the Admissions Officer define a clear applicant profile and identify channels to the target market
Develop a detailed annual marketing plan focused on internal and external marketing
Provide time frame, cost break down, target, desired impression and goals for each area
Prioritize resource allocation by comparing market analysis, campaign results and target segments to ensure efficient use of funds
Provide termly marketing activity and results vs. plan reports to the Admissions Officer and the Senior Leadership Team

As with all schools in an international environment, these responsibilities must be executed with cultural sensitivity and a comfort with uncertainty. They will require the demonstration of strong hands-on leadership, time management and decision making ability. Together with all SSYIS staff, you will uphold and actively promote SHENZHEN SHIYAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL’s commitment to integrity, accountability and an aspiration for excellence.
Personal Characteristics

You will speak Mandarin Chinese and English to a level which enables effective communication within an international environment.

Your professional profile is defined by integrity, clear and open communication, high standards, and an understanding of the needs and interests of students, parents and staff.

Your personal profile enables you to act as an ambassador for the school. You have excellent verbal and written communication skills, and relate positively to students, staff and parents, inspiring them with confidence in the school.

You have the ability to analyse problems, reach sound conclusions and resolve issues effectively. You have a proven capacity to respond to changing needs, and to translate vision into practical reality. You have a strong commitment to quality and sharing best practices in learning and teaching.

You have a good understanding of, and interest in developing academic best practices in the context of a cross-cultural institution.

You have a working knowledge and understanding of departmental planning and reporting. You have a higher-level understanding of and experience using information and communication technology to enhance your work.

You enjoy working under pressure in a fast paced environment. You are optimistic, resilient, and have a well-developed sense of proportion and humour.

Performance Management
You should:
* Participate in arrangements for the appraisal of your own performance.
* Review from time to time your own methods of working.
* Participate in further training and professional development, including training which aims to meet needs identified in appraisal objectives or statements.
Success in achieving the objectives of the Marketing Officer post may well enable the post-holder to expand her/his profile to take up the substantive role of Marketing Manager as the school grows and develops.

Working Time
You have a responsibility to participate in meetings which relate to the administration or organisation of the school. Working hours are flexible, based on prior agreement with the Executive Principal.
Contact: Rainnie Cai (HR Manager)
Email: rainnie@ssyis.cn
Please send cover-letter application (stating for which post you are applying) together with a recent photo and the names/contact information of three referees, one of whom should be your most recent employer.
  1. 联系: 蔡老师
  2. 电话: 0755-29510515
  3. 邮箱: rainnie@ssyis.cn
  4. 地址: 广东省深圳市宝安区石岩街道育才路
* 提醒:用人单位招聘人才,以任何名义向应聘者收取费用都属于违法(如体检费、考试费等),请应聘者提高警惕!